Join us at JATW for a great weekend,

full of laughter great music and a relaxing atmosphere.

Read more about the event (Coming Soon)

JATW 17 Prices

Keeping the prices down and giving you great value for money is one of our key ambitions
  • Night Owl
  • £25 Each
    A FEW FRI, SAT and SUN Evening Tickets.
    BUY ALL THREE for £60
  • Friday Bands
  • Saturday Bands
  • Sunday Bands
  • Three seperate nights of parties
  • Day Time Dancing
  • Free camping
  • Buy Tickets in Shop
  • Day Tripper
  • £40
  • You come for a day you forget all your cares and worries and you have a fabulous time
  • All Workshops that Day
  • Free camping
  • All the Bands that day
  • Second Day
  • Buy Tickets in Shop
  • V Popular
  • The Whole Weekend
  • £89
  • The Whole Sheebang. You should bring a stick because you will have an immense amount of things to shake it at!
  • All Bands
  • All Workshops
  • All social dancing
  • Free Camping
  • Breakfast discount
  • Stay on Monday
  • Sleep
  • Buy Tickets in Shop


Please Note : Programs at JATW can change without prior notice.

If you have a question then please do get in touch with us..