Friday JATW 19 Bands

Miss Annie
Happy that the magic will begin with such a stupendous band
SUBLIME Vintage Swing Orchestra.
Serious swingin' (No G)
Just look at the Picture you now understand .000001% of the pure excitement energy and class of this band LIVE.
Slap that Bass
Steel Weazels
Steel Weazels
Rock n Roll and a whole lot more from this great little dance band
Bring on the Tunes
Paper Moon Band
Bursting with energetic swing, bringing classic tunes from the swing era and producing vibrant dance floors full of dancers.
Back by Popular demand
Soon to be
More to be announced
Soon the rest of the lineup will be here
Really Swingin'
Pump up the Volume
Our fabulous Selection of DJ's will be playing throughout the weekend, bringing you their brilliant music selections and amazing tunes. You will be hearing
Bic the Bionic
Mark the Magnificent
Anita the Amazing
Griff the Great
The Muffin Man
Mike the Magical
Izzy the Incredible

Saturday JATW 19 Bands

The Revolutionaires
Eye candy and Truly Amazing music
Haneys Big House Band
From old style Chicago to West Coast swinging blues, add in a big slice of Jump Jive and Rock and Roll then you have the driving sound of Haney’s Big House
Rockin Blues
Big R Big Band
Dashing, debonair, dandy and dapper, the classic swing tunes of the 30's and 40's are looking, and sounding, pretty damn good.
Swing Swing Swing
Ooh and the DJ's!
Our fabulous Selection of DJ's will be playing throughout the weekend, bringing you their brilliant music selections and amazing tunes.
Truly Wonderful
More to Come
More to come for Saturday too
Truly Wonderful

Sunday JATW 19 Bands

Shirt Tail Stompers
First time at JATW, London's top vintage band, Internationally famous, playing festivals from Thailand to the Czech Republic and all across the UK. A truly entertaining show. expect singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun.
SOOOOO Excited!
Si Cranstoun
Yes he is in the house - always amazbals
Let the thunder storm begin
Soul Heaven
A room full of Soul, and motown and more.
Nuff Said! Pop in and check the tunes and say Ray sent you!
The Strays
“If you’re not dancing, you’ll wear a hole in your pants, because it’s impossible to sit still” – Graham Munn, Rhythm n Booze
Swing From Paris
The sounds of a chic Parisian café stylish gypsy Jazz and Vintage swing at it's best.
Beautiful Rhythm and Rhym
And the Dj's
The Dj's will still be dropping extraordinary tunes on your ears. Magic in between the magic of the bands.
Earworms Everywhere

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