Sunday JATW 17 Bands

JB Jazz and Blues
Always a staple at JATW these boys play just beautiful music for you to dance to or to just settle back with a pint and enjoy.
Chill out
Swing band extraordinaire, virtuoso and ,a band that catches the mood of how swing would have been back in the day. Not to Be Missed
Really Swingin' (No G)
Soul Heaven
A room full of Soul, and motown and more.
Nuff Said! Pop in and see the Grifter and say Ray sent you!
Fat Boy Swing
Putting an incredible twist on modern classics to get them swinging this band mixes classics with modern to bring a fantastic evening of music.
Old in a modern way
And the Dj's
The Dj's will still be dropping extraordinary tunes on your ears. Magic in between the magic of the bands.
Earworms Everywhere

Sunday JATW 17 Workshops


ADV LH - Bic an Simone
Int LH - Izzy and Colin
INT LH - Bic and Simone
INT LH Mike and Mel
Charleston - Bic and Simone

Beg LH - Hoc and Mark
Int Bal - Roman and Andrea
Int Jive - Marcus and Julie
Adv LH - Izzy and Colin
Beg Bal - Roman and Andrea

Beg Jive - Marcus and Julie
Ladies Styling - Anita & Shirley
Jazz Routine - James
Advanced Bal - Hoc and Mark
Imp Jive - Marcus and Julie

Beg Shag - Mike and Mel
Shim Sham - Hoc and Mark
Beg Bal - Roman and Andrea
Ladies Styling - Anita & Shirley
Int Shag - Mike and Mel


Please Note : Programs at JATW can change without prior notice.

If you have a question then please do get in touch with us..