Saturday JATW 17 Bands

BB & 3B
Oh Yes, stunning vocals, brilliant performers, not to be missed vintage wonderfulness!
James Carr
Blues, I got the Blues, I really got the Blues I reaaally reaaalllly got the Blues. Well Let James Carr cheer you up!
Jackson Sloan
Let the thunder storm begin Jackson is in the house and it's just set to rock.
The Devils Cut Combo
Pumpin Rand B Just brilliant
Ooh and the DJ's!
Our fabulous Selection of DJ's will be playing throughout the weekend, bringing you their brilliant music selections and amazing tunes.
Truly Wonderful

Saturday JATW 17 Workshops


ADV LH - Bic and Simone
INT Lindy Hop - Izzy and Ger
INT LH - Bic and SImone
Charleston - Bic and Simone
INT Lindy Hop - Hoc and Mark

Beg LH - Hoc and Mark
Ladies Styling - Kitty
INT Jive - Marcus and Julie
Ladies Styling - Kitty
Taster Bal - Roman and Andrea

Beg Jive - Marcus and Julie
Int Bal - Roman and Andrea
Shim Sham - Hoc and Mark
Int LH - Izzy and Ger
Impr Jive - Marcus and Julie

Beg Shag - Mike and Mel
Boys Stuff - James
Beg Bal - Roman and Andrea
Adv Bal - Hoc and Mark
Int Shag - Mike and Mel


Please note : All acts at JATW are subject to change without notice.

Please get in touch if you have anything you would like to know.